H French 5

Syllabus: https://sway.office.com/YB1jCw2U3KPQKPGx?ref=Link

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Before going forward

  1. Have you checked CTLS Learn?
  2. If you do not have access to CTLS, have you e-mailed Mme McDonald?

ALL work should be completed through CTLS Learn whenever possible!

Weekly Plans:

September 8-11

Click here for the Assignment Checklist

August 24-28

Students are starting the Global Challenges unit, beginning with the topic of environment. In class activities include:

  • Reading this post on the huffington post and completing a short comprehension quiz
  • Reading the story L’Homme qui Plantait des Arbres
  • Practicing pronunciation
  • Learning about recycling and biodiversity in the French-speaking Caribbean, and deforestation in Africa

Work due this week includes:

  • Due Tuesday: Completing the presentation about the AP exam and the AP email
  • Due Tuesday and Thursday: Completing Edpuzzles on L’Homme Qui Plantait des Arbres and global climate change
  • In-Class Thursday: Timed practice AP email
  • Due Friday: current event mini-report related to environment, analysis of 1 organization focused on helping the environment

August 17-21

Students will go through a Nearpod presentation explaining class expections, the syllabus, doing introductions, and recalling knowledge from previous courses.

Students will sign up for needed websites:

-Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/join/2EvcEzmEm

-Edpuzzle: https://edpuzzle.com/join/gorjovk

-Conjuguemos: Teacher code: kbwrmx


Students will use the OneNote class Notebook to begin creating class norms

Work to complete:

-SIgn up for needed websites

-Read the syllabus and complete the form

-Access ClassNotebook through Office 365 and work on creating class norms with your group (already assigned)