H French 3

Syllabus: https://sway.office.com/MN60ZPZ2oJBlCKqW?ref=Link

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Before going forward

  • Have you checked CTLS Learn?
  • If you do not have access to CTLS, have you e-mailed Mme McDonald?

ALL work should be completed through CTLS Learn whenever possible!

November 7-11

Students will use vocabulary to discuss popular and unpopular jobs in France, and the education system in France. Students will describe what they will do in future jobs.

  • “Pirate”–Usmar
  • Futur simple introduction
  • Education Nearpod

November 2-4

Digital Monday-Wednesday

Return to in-person Thursday!

Students will make up assessments missed from Hurricane Zeta

Students will use vocabulary related to professions to describe the job’s of people in their lives.

October 28-30

Students will demonstrate proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills needed to talk about homes in their community and in French speaking communities

-Passé composé/imparfait assessment Thursday

-Reading assessment Thursday or Friday

-Chez Nous conversation Wed-Fri

October 19-23

October 12-16

Students will read and understand authentic housing ads

Students will use the passé composé and imparfait to narrate events in the past

October 5-9

Unit: Chez Nous

Students will explore houses around the French speaking world

Students will use details to describe homes

Students will describe events in the past using the imparfait

September 28-October 2

Unit: Chez Nous

Students will understand and identify vocabulary related to houses and apartments

Students will understand a video of students showing their house and belongings

September 21-25-FALL BREAK!

September 14-18

September 8-11

Click here for the Assignment Checklist

August 31-September 4

August 24-28

Passe compose presentation with sound:

Students will be learning to talk about their daily routine. In class activities include: listening to “Voici ma Routine,” watching a French youtuber in an “expectations vs. reality style video, reading about how to create an effective morning routine, and practicing vocabulary with quizlet live.

Work due this week:

  • Due Tuesday before class: Create an ideal morning routine (presentational writing)
  • Due Tuesday after class: leave a google voice message for Mme McDonald, answering the question in the voicemail message (interpersonal speaking)
  • Due Thursday: Narrate a video of someone going through their morning or evening routine (Presentational speaking)
  • Due Thursday: In a creative non-digital way, label body parts (vocabulary)
  • Due Friday: Complete the EdPuzzle for “Trotro fait sa toilette”
  • DUE MONDAY: Interview your parents about their routines before and after having kids, then create a then vs. now graphic or video using the passé composé (Presentational speaking/writing)

August 17-21

Students will go through a Nearpod presentation explaining class expections, the syllabus, doing introductions, and recalling knowledge from previous courses.

Nearpod presentation: https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/RAvWSJwzMu

Students will sign up for needed websites:

-Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/join/NGPxCzphZ

-Edpuzzle: 1st Period: https://edpuzzle.com/join/zaadeze

2nd Period: https://edpuzzle.com/join/bemafag

-Conjuguemos: Teacher code: kbwrmx

-VHL: 1st Period instructions: https://www.vhlcentral.com/section/682faa57-2a7d-49df-afc8-6fabbd5ea4db/student_instructions

2nd period instructions:https://www.vhlcentral.com/section/be6d02a8-095e-4a87-a4f7-7cad1c4b3f9a/student_instructions

Students will use the OneNote class Notebook to recall knowledge from previous French classes.

Students will complete the syllabus form