FR 1 Week 7

Unit: L’ecole
Week Summary: Welcome back from break! This week, we will be reviewing what was learned in Mme’s absence, and moving forward in talking about school in France!


Students will be able to talk about what they and others do.

  • Students will review conjugating etre, avoir (+ expressions with avoir), and -ER verbs in French
Study for verb quiz next week!


Students will be able to identify school supplies and school subjects in French: In the computer lab, students will complete a web search for school supplies from a 6th grade supply list 

Students will be able to talk about what they have and need: Students will share what they found and could not find during their web search with a partner

Students will read for pleasure in the target language: Students will spend 7-10 minutes with a book in French, using pictures and context clues to guide them.

Study for verb quiz next week!


Students will be able express when they do different actions : Students will complete a matching activity with a partner.

Students will be able to use culturally appropriate expressions in conversation: Students will participate in conversations using expressions with avoir, responding to a partner’s needs/wants. 

Watch the video below and take notes on creating questions in French


Students will be able to describe the schedule of another person: Students will complete an information gap activity describing the schedule of an imaginary French student, then write 7 sentences about that schedule.




Study for the verb quiz next week!