AP French Week 9

Unit: Les Defis Mondiaux
Week Summary: This week, we will be moving from conversations on environment to the topics of human rights, health, and food safety. Students will present on their political candidate and vote as a class on who they feel should represent Metz.


Students will complete their candidate presentations for tomorrow

Students will take a quiz on their eating habits in the target language, and discuss the connection between food, culture, economics, and the environment

Prepare for candidate presentations tomorrow
Study quizlet


Students will present about the candidate they researched in the Metz municipal elections

The class will vote on candidates

Students will read about benefits and drawbacks of organic foods

Prepare for a discussion on the following quote: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges. Je te dirai ce que tu es”

Wednesday–Half Day

Students will discuss the quote above

Students will read the UN Declaration of Rights of Man and the French Declaration of rights of Man and Citizen, and compare these documents with their ideas on human rights



Grammar packet due tomorrow


Ongoing: grammar portfolio, study quizlet vocabulary